Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you have so many followers?
Patience. That’s the only thing. I’ve stayed here for almost 3 years. Well, you’ve to be active on Tumblr. If you want followers, don’t post just 3 posts in a week. Start reblogging. Then, when you’ve a great number of followers you should post your “original” posts. Choose your style. That’s important! For example, Manolescent is a landscapes blog. I posts for the majority of times just landscapes. If you like portaits, posts for the majority of time portaits. Choose your blogging style, you can change whenever you want (I was a minimal blog!) but changing means losing followers. I personally recommend to do whatever you want with your blog, it’s your blog, you shouldn’t care so much about followers. I said to choose your style because I don’t like messy blogs, but it’s a thought of mines. I gained a lot of followers in the past because:
1. For a period, I used to post just original posts that gained a lot of notes;
2. I’m a themes creator and my credit link is in every theme people downloaded;
Now I’m not doing new themes anymore and not posting a lot of original posts because they’re activies that require a lot of free (and I sadly don’t have it anymore). And for this reason, I gain max 100 new followers everyday (I used to gain 300+ a day). If you are more curious, just ask.

Q: Do you gain money with Tumblr?
Absolutely no. My public themes are free and I don’t have ads (I never had).

Q: *Problem with one of your themes*
Some of my themes are two years old, don’t get mad to me. I don’t have time to fix them or help everyone who needs help. If you don’t like, if there’re problems that you can’t fix, change theme. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: I’ve sent you a message but you haven’t replied.
So so sorry! I don’t answer to all the messages but I try to read them all!<3

Q: Can I get a promo? Follow4follow? Check out?
I am thinking about a promotion thing now, like blogs of the month. Stay tuned!
No follow for follow sorry. I usually don’t check out if you ask me, but I sometimes check out blogs that send me cute messages haha

Q: What are your other blogs?
I DON’T HAVE OTHER BLOGS! The link you see on blogs is my credit link and this means that they’re just using one of my themes!!

Q: What is that “buy me a coffee” link?
Just a free donation to my paypal account. I would love to buy you a coffee and have meetings etc. but hey, I’m Italian and unfortunately I can’t do this. With “Buy me a coffee” you can send me 0,10€ too, just for letting me know someone is appreciating my blog/company/themes. <3

If you have any other questions or just want to chat, send me a message here! Byebye xx